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January 12, 2013
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The Divide by Tatchit The Divide by Tatchit

Commission for :icongaoyuqing: of their unnamed character and son of the two characters on the far left and far right in the thumbnails above. His mother's name is Kaebora, hiw father's name is Jiu. But they need ideas for a powerful name and maybe you can help! Here is a short quote by them to get the feel of the character:

"Powerful, to the point of being driven insane by it...though some of the issues he had growing up with a mother who was almost pathologically afraid of him might have had an effect on his development as well. "

Got any name ideas? You can comment with them and gao may sift through them to see if they find one that appeals to them!


art © Tatchit

character © gaoyuqing
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I have decided on the son's name after reading all the suggestions in ths post. I didn't actually pick any of those mentioned, but several names, suggestions and methods used for creating them got me thinking along the line that took me to the name that I feel fits the best in light of the cultures of the parents as well as their own names. Shiroko (shur-oh-koh).
Awesome, I'll update my comment with his name. I'm glad you were able to find one that suites him.
Name him Gao and get a good name and some hubris at the same time ;) Or Pínghéng Equilibrium in traditional Chinese for the ironic touch... Otherwise very impressive.
lol. I already have a character with one of my alter ego names in another book. Have to limit my hubris ;)
Actually did use pingheng in part of his final name. And don't know if you know it, but Jiu is pingheng as well ;)
:D No I did not know, it just felt like the poetic/ironic touch... Now I'll have to read your stories ;) A mind like yours (like my own) might come in handy one day ;) Is his final name complete then, or may I take another swing? Something like "Qīn'ài de" (beloved), "Zhēnxī" (Cherished), "Xīwàng" (hope) or simply "Zhēn" (true).
ack...for some reason I thought you were asking about Jiu, his father...I don't know why. No, his name is complete at Shiroko. Shi being the pinyin for 10.
The only story I've posted so far is for a totally different book trilogy. This one exists only in note form and in my head. I'll probably be crowing from the rooftops if any of them ever get published ;)
Jiu actually is his full name. They don't have surnames. Jiu is the pinyin form of the chinese word for nine. Indicating the family's hope for his eventual tail count. There's a whole set of cultural history behind all that I don't want to deluge you with in a comment section. His wife Kaebora is also named propitiously, her name derived from Kalibora, the 10-tailed fox deity (viewed more a concept than an actual being). Nine being the maximum number of tails a kitsune can achieve in life, 10 becomes the number of perfection or divinity. Both of them were born with 2, a very rare event that signaled the sign of their power and ability.
Ugh...wound up dumping some info on you anyways ;)
Blockbeap Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is impeccable. The way you drew canines is amazing. <3
fierfairy42 Jan 13, 2013   Digital Artist
ALLjapan Jan 13, 2013  Student General Artist
Tatchi have I recently told you that you're awesome? If not, then you ARE :)
Fantastic drawing :D
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